October 13, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 2

Food at Clet Dining Warrants Varied Opinions

Students eating in the newly renovated Clet Dining Hall (Photo by Lauren Merrick)

Students eating in the newly renovated Clet Dining Hall (Photo by Lauren Merrick)

We have all seen the changes to Clet Dining Hall's appearance this semester. It looks more modern and, as senior Andrea Bernal says, It is more traffic free.
Senior Kelci Koonce says, I like the new arrangements of the drinks, and other students have made similar comments. Perhaps what students care about most is not the appearance of the dining hall, but the food.
Students seem to have no problem voicing their opinion regarding this matter. Has the food changed? Senior Ian O'Rourke says, I like the fact that they tried to get a healthy food section, but I wish there was more variety.
A lack of variety seems to be a common theme; however, not all students think so. Sophomore hospitality major Matt Todaro says the new premade sandwiches at the salad bar are nice, and junior Josh Miller says, I'm glad they make sandwiches at late night. Both  features are new this year. But continuing, Miller said the food is basically the same.
Senior Scott Weber has been frequenting Clet Dining Hall for four years now, and he says, What really needed the most improvement was the quality of the food, and that didn't really improve.
Joe Streeter, customer service supervisor at Clet Dining Hall, addressed the negative comments. I would have to disagree, He says, There are a lot of premade sandwiches this year, there is a bigger variety of food, and there is an entire station dedicated to healthy items.
While these may not be monumental changes, most would agree these changes are indeed improvements.

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