October 13, 2010

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Volume 81, Issue 2

Movie Review: 'The Social Network'

When we think of Facebook, we think of a worldwide society, a website that became an addiction for some and the backbone of communication for people of all ages. Facebook has changed the way we socialize with people; its like we're all living two lives: our real life, and our social networking life.
Have you ever wondered how Facebook came to be? 
The film The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, tells this fascinating story based on true events. During this film you feel like you are living the experience and challenges that Mark Zuckerburg (played by Jesse Eisenburg) went through to make his breakthrough with this social network called Facebook.  
The Social Network started out with a break-up scene, which triggered the genius idea of social networking.  The main character, Zuckerburg, who is a sophomore at Harvard, started all of this to get revenge! 
He gets himself into trouble because he starts a social network that rates girls, and then crashed the online network at Harvard.  A few frat guys find out about this disaster, and want him to help them with there social network, and this is when the movie really starts to get intense. Zuckerberg doesn't work with them, but starts his own network, called The Facebook. Zuckerburg starts all of this because he thinks its cool, and doesn't know where it can take him.  Then people, including his best friend, try to sue him for all sorts of reasons. There is some great twists and turns in this film, and some shocking events that keep you at the edge of your seat.  
This film had some good and bad aspects.  Eisenburg, Andrew Garfield who played Eduardo Saverin (who was Zuckerburg's co-founder) and handled all the financial issues, and Justin Timberlake, who played Sean Parker (Zuckerburg's advisor), each acted their parts extremely well in my opinion. They made me believe they were the real people in this extraordinary film.
One of the things the filmmakers could have worked on to better the film would be not to have as many flashbacks as they do. This tends to get a little confusing while watching this film.  
Overall, I think The Social Network was an enjoyable and knowledgeable film.  If you want to know the history of your social network life, then this is the perfect film to watch.  I would give The Social Network four out of five stars, and would definitely recommend this movie to someone.  Its worth the money to go see it.

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