October 26, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 3

The Eagle Has Landed

The stress of classes, exams and life as a college student can be overwhelming.  Giving into the pressures of society and finding where you fit in can be daunting.
 Which community do you belong to? What is your role within that community?  Do you have a gift to offer?  Or do you find yourself taking a backseat to life and letting your fears get the best of you?
 Your mother always told you “ be a leader, not a follower.  NU's EAGLE program stresses the same message.  So what exactly is EAGLE?  Spelled out, it's Experience and Growth in Leadership and Education.  The program is open to all Niagara students who are on a mission for personal developmental goals.  
Students are taught strategies that can be translated into the classroom “ but also, into the professional work field.   EAGLE strongly encourages the development of leaders with workshop/topic/discussion themes such as Appreciating Diversity, Discovering your Creativity, Lead Through Inspiration and Creating a Team Culture.
EAGLE coordinator, Prof. Mitchell Alegre, confidently promotes the benefits of being part of EAGLE.  Leadership is my passion.  Academics prepares students for a career. EAGLE prepares them for life. We really need to journey inward and lead self “ before you can begin to lead others, he says.
Alegre joined aboard the EAGLE program in 2006 and has been a faculty member in the commerce department of the College of Business Administration since 2001.  
For freshman, there is no better time to join than right now.  As a four-year developmental process, every year leads you to a next level.  Four years means four different stages “ Being a Leader (White), Ways to Lead (Gold), Sharing Leadership (Purple) and Leading (Mentor).  The idea behind this progression year by year is meant to foster the adventure of inner discovery.  
Within the workshops, teams are created that incorporate different learning methods and leadership experiences such as outdoor events, socials and team-building experiences.  Attending socials, finishing assignments and attending workshops all work toward earning points and eventually prizes at the end of the year.
 Not an undergrad, but still want to reap the benefits of EAGLE?  EAGLE has a master leader certificate program designed for Niagara grad students.  
Not on campus every day?  Classes hinder you from attending meetings? Being an EAGLE member also allows you to have access to the EAGLE Blackboard course, which contains videos and resources.   It caters directly to the schedule and needs of the grad student. The personalized program meets the specific learning goals for each student.  In addition, you receive professionalized personalized mentoring.  
As Alegre says, Each grad student develops their own personal developmental goals “ we work from there. At the end of the year, those who have earned their certificate are invited to a recognition ceremony.
For more information, visit http://www.niagara.edu/eagleleadership or contact eagle@niagara.edu

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