October 26, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 3

Students Antcipate Halloween

Shown is Sasha Cadiz

Shown is Sasha Cadiz

Halloween is approaching fast and NU students are making their plans for the big night.  For those who live on campus, many residence halls are having Halloween programs that include various activities as well as a lot of food.  
For example, junior communications major Anna Hoffmann will attend a program in O'Shea Hall,  which will have a haunted house.  
Freshman English major Bridget Maloney is planning on going to the combined O'Donoughue and Lynch program on Oct. 30, which will be held in the basement of Lynch Hall.     
Many students, such as freshman elementary education major Rachel Dyster and senior math education major Kasey McFarren, are simply hanging out with friends. Robert McCaffery, a senior criminal justice major, wants to go trick-or-treating in local areas such as Lewiston.  
McCaffery is planning on dressing up as a woman.  He says he will be including boots and fish nets in his costume.  
I don't know if I should go blonde or brunette, says McCaffery.  
Andrea Bernal, a senior marketing major, is going to dress up as Minnie Mouse.  She also heard that someone will be dressing up as spaghetti and meatballs.  Her bra is going to be the meatballs and her dress is going to be the spaghetti. Very creative, says Bernal.  
Dyster also heard that many people are dressing up as Snooki, but adds that she is not one of them.
I've heard that Lady Gaga and Snooki-hair are selling like hotcakes at costume stores, says Hoffmann.     
Other costumes on campus include a character from Star Trek, sported by McFarren, and a Goth-fortune-teller-gypsyish person worn by Maloney.
Halloween means different things to different people.  Carmen Schaff, a senior English major, enjoys dressing up in costumes.  364 days of the year, I have to be me. On Halloween, I can be anything, says Schaff.  
Maloney, who is pagan, is observing Halloween as the pagan new year.  I love the fact that it is a new beginning “ for pagans at least, says Maloney.  
For others, like freshman accounting major Jack Pullara, Halloween is a good time for scary movies.  
But for most, it is just a good excuse for getting candy. 

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