October 26, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 3

Open House Draws Prospective Students

Shown are theater students Nick Lama, Nick Gnacinski, Devan Corcoran and Mary Boatman.

Shown are theater students Nick Lama, Nick Gnacinski, Devan Corcoran and Mary Boatman.

Hundreds of prospective students and their families converged Saturday afternoon on the lower level of the Gallagher Center for Niagara University's fall open house.
The event was complete with table-talk discussions, activities, several presentations by university deans, and even a few wandering pirates.  
 Table-talk presentations from 12-3 offered a chance for faculty, staff, and students to meet with prospective students and their families to answer questions and talk about their programs and other opportunities at Niagara University, said John Sauter, assistant to the dean of Arts and Sciences.
Prospective students were split up by college and the deans explained about the individual programs.  Students also explored campus safety, information technology, the library, WNIA and other student clubs.  Faculty members also represented a variety of departments.
Interested students picked up pens, T-shirts and Niagara University bags while talking to individual faculty and staff members. The Theatre Department even displayed an elegant period-style costume.  
Our goal for open house is that everyone has a wonderful time and enjoys a positive experience in all areas here at Niagara University, said Dr. Sharon Watkinson, professor and chairperson of Theatre and Fine Arts.
Another contribution of the NU Theatre Department was a pirate sword-fighting show to entertain everyone.  Seniors Nick Lama, Nick Gnacinski, Devan Corcoran and junior Mary Boatman provided script and fight choreography under the direction of stage combat Professor Adriano Gatto.
The fact that open house falls during Family Weekend is no coincidence.
 This is carefully planned, said Sara Villnave, an NU graduate and assistant director of admissions. Having current students around gives potential students an idea of what the campus will be like.
For the last three years, Villnave has organized Open House to great success, each year seeing more students than the previous one.  Students spoke with athletic groups and experienced the student center at its peak hours.  Gally Market, the Grill, and Sandwich Station, as well as Clet Dining, were open for student and parent dining.  
The university's TV studio, science and business labs were also open.  
Villnave said the university hosts an open house each fall, in order to indulge potential students in everything student life has to offer at NU. More than 400 students and their family members registered for this year's event.

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