September 28, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 1

What's New with WNIA?

There are a few new and exciting additions to Niagara University's WNIA radio this year. I caught up with Geoff Redick, the station's general manager, and he filled me in on the details.

First of all, if it seems like the disc jockeys' voices sound warmer and more professional this year, it is not because your memory is failing you. That is a result of the new vocal limiter the station has acquired. This is a glass tube, which, according to Redick, gives voice a depth. It eliminates hissing and popping, and sends the nice, finished signal out on the air.

Secondly, this year brings a significant improvement to the method in which individuals who call in to the station interact with the disc jockeys.

The telephones are hardwired through the mixing board, says Redick. That means the phone call goes directly out on the air, as opposed to last year, in which telephone calls were picked up by a DJ's microphone. The result of the improvement is a cleaner, more professional sound.

Thirdly, WNIA is attempting to reach out to the community with commercial opportunities.

It's been a goal of mine to branch out to local businesses, form a relationship with them, and offer advertising for relatively cheap, says Redick. This year, WNIA may showcase advertising from outside sources as a way to bring in some money for the station.

Lastly, Redick informed me that most of the management team is new. In fact, only two original managers remain from the founding of WNIA. By next year, all original managers will have graduated.

To listen to WNIA radio, turn your TV to channel 20 or head to to stream online. Also online, you can find the station's AIM screen name and telephone number, as well as manager assistant positions available for anyone interested in getting involved with WNIA.

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