September 28, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 1

A Whole New Clet

by Matt Riley

Over this past summer, Clet Dining Hall has undergone renovations in an attempt to accommodate requests from students.

The layout and décor of the dining hall have been changed. Kitchen manager Joeseph Streeter said, I haven't heard any negative feedback yet, most people seem happy with the changes.

Most noticeable among the renovations is the addition of another sandwich station. The new sandwich station boasts fresh carved meat and you can get pre-made sandwiches at the other for students' convenience said Streeter.

In addition to more sandwiches, the drinks have also been moved into the actual dining area to break up the traffic of people. A new and improved healthy/organic station has been put in place to address complaints regarding a lack of healthy options. Meanwhile, the old staples of pizza and burgers are still available.

Garbage cans are now concealed in decorative receptacles instead of being out in the open. The multi-colored chairs have been replaced with uniform black throughout the dining area.

Although students seem pleased, Streeter said that There's always people who want more. As a result, there is now a suggestion and feedback box just inside the dining facility. Students are encouraged to make suggestions on how to improve the dining experience.

Ashley Tatum, a student at Niagara and an employee at Clet, commends the new sandwich station

It's more convenient being split up, there used to be long lines all the time, she said. Now students don't have to wait nearly as long.

Even though the facilities are much more convenient, the selection hasn't changed; the food is the same as it always has been said Tatum.

Freshman Michael Woods remembers Clet from a few overnight stays last semester.

It looks better, but the food hasn't improved. I always head right for the sandwiches, said Woods.

The university is trying to improve the dining experience for students. There is a suggestion box and it's not just for show.


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