April 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 2

#18: Edward Moloney

by Nicole Mehlman

The 18th most intriquing student on campus, Edmond Moloney.

The 18th most intriquing student on campus, Edmond Moloney.

     For sophomore Edmond Moloney, all it takes is a good shower and a great workout with ROTC to get through the day, which starts at 5:45 a.m.

     Some nights I just have a lot of home work and I'm not asleep until 1 or 2 a.m., says the Newburgh native.

     Along with his early rising for ROTC, Moloney is heavily involved in the Criminal Justice Association, ROTC's color guard and drill team, NU's cross country team and, most recently, he decided to try out for the Ranger Challenge.

     It's like a varsity sport for ROTC. They compete    in different challenges against other school's ROTC programs, Moloney says.

      He's also a member of Niagara University's Model United Nations program. The club recently went to Harvard University and was a representative of Bolivia.

     Each school represented a different country. For example, Canisius represented Uganda. We research the issues that country is having and try to bring those problems to the attention of others, he explains.

      With so much to do, many of Moloney's friends wonder how he does it all. I think I'm just internally motivated, he says. I write every single thing I need to do down so I remember and, if I can, I try and get ahead.

      By his name alone, you may notice Moloney has an Irish background. Both my parents are from Ireland and I have a lot of family that still lives there. We try and visit over the summer when we can and it's always a good time, he says.

      This summer will be very different for Moloney. I'll be heading to Africa with a program called CULP. It's run through the Army and I'll be helping people out while gaining experience living in another country. I had to get all these shots this year, which wasn't very pleasant, but I think it will be an experience worth having, he says.

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