April 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 2

#20: Richard McKee

The 20th most intriquing student on campus, Richard McKee.

The 20th most intriquing student on campus, Richard McKee.

By: Amy Domiano   

     Richard McKee, a born and raised Buffalonian, fell in love with Niagara University and all it has to offer its students, especially its Reserve Officer Training Corps program. After shadowing some of his future ROTC cadets and always hearing about NU as he grew up, McKee knew that the school would be a great fit for him. He was able to land a great scholarship opportunity and has progressed to the Ms4 ranking, which involves him evaluating junior cadets and planning and executing the training events.

    As McKee has advanced through NU, he has found that his love for the field of criminal justice has constantly grown with the help of his classes and field internships with the Lewiston Police Department.
In addition, with the help of a friend, McKee became seriously interested in the field of firefighting. After registering with the Town of Lewiston as a volunteer firefighter, McKee dedicated all of his extra time to the firehall. After spending his winter break at a firefighting boot camp, McKee was fully able to perform search and rescues, personal protection, proper procedures as well as create and put out fires.

    McKee has continued his efforts as a volunteer firefighter throughout his time at NU. He has been able to not only balance his work as a full-time student, but maintain his status as a member of ROTC as well. Saving lives in his spare time and still being able to give back to his community with his old Boy Scout troop in Buffalo are things he does on the side.

    The leadership qualities of McKee, in combination with his extracurricular efforts, not only make him an intriguing student, but a role model that his fellow peers can look up to and follow.

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