April 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 2

#5: John Osberg

by Nicole Mehlman

The 5th most intriquing student on campus, John Osberg.

The 5th most intriquing student on campus, John Osberg.

    You almost have to list all of John Osberg's activities the way Billy Joel sings We Didn't Start the Fire. The finance major has a lot on his plate when it comes to internships, jobs and clubs on campus.

    I like all of it! I get a lot of opportunities, and my friends tell me I need to start saying ˜no,' but I can't, Osberg says. I'm so thankful. I see value in every opportunity.

    Unlike many NU students, Osberg has a real idea of what he wants to do with his life after graduation. He's put himself in a position to succeed by being a part of local Buffalo-Niagara businesses.

    I currently work for an economic development consultant for the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce and I basically help draw up plans for revitalizing the business environment in Niagara Falls to attract more businesses, Osberg explains. I am also a business management consultant for Royal Realty Development, and we work to help improve the infrastructure in Niagara Falls. I'm also a business management consultant at a small business called Niagara's Honeymoon Sweets Chocolates.

    On Monteagle Ridge, Osberg is also a Bloomberg campus ambassador, a managing director of the finance club, and an ambassador for career services. Occasionally Osberg does sit back and relax. Not to sound like a suck-up, but I have a lot of fun without really going out and partying. I don't have the time or energy. I love sports. I play ping-pong, volleyball, hockey, golf, pool. I play pool all the time in Gallagher with my friends, Osberg says.

   He's also involved with NU's Vincentian mission by volunteering as an assistant coach for inner city youth hockey, and he is an assistant coach for the Grand Island High School golf team.

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