April 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 2

#6: Mike Minton

by Nicole Mehlman

The 6th most intriquing student on campus, Mike Minton.

The 6th most intriquing student on campus, Mike Minton.

    Just ask around and you'll find Mike Minton knows almost everybody on this campus.

    Everyone knows him; he's just a social butterfly, says a fellow NU student.

    I love meeting and engaging with new people every day; at this point I've met a lot of people, Minton says.

    His likable personality is only the start of what makes Minton intriguing.

    You have to be involved, and also really want to be here, Minton says.

    As the secretary of the Niagara University Marketing Association, working in the MBA office and participating in the arts/cancer charity event Creativity for a Cure, it's safe to say that Minton makes the most of his time at NU.

    I started off commuting and wanted to be part of the college community, so I knew that I would have to be very social to try and connect with the other students, Minton says. He realizes the importance of staying active and trying to help others. This can be shown through his work with Roswell Park to help raise $500 for Creativity for a Cure.  

    Though most of his time is taken up by school, social events and work, Minton does enjoy the occasional Buffalo Bandits game on Friday nights and, of course, hanging out with all his NU friends.  

    I want to look back on my time at Niagara and be able to say that I gave all of myself and, most importantly, that I made friends and connections that will last a lifetime, he says.

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