April 13, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 10

Jay Sean plays an April Fool's joke on NU

Jay Sean shown performing at Niagara University, photo by Jeannine Alsous.

Jay Sean shown performing at Niagara University, photo by Jeannine Alsous.

Hundreds of students did the Dougie with Cali Swag District, as they anticipated the wait for Jay Sean, who was delayed in coming to NU. Sean vigorously Tweeted the entire day of his mission to get to NU. Tweets included, So I am the victim of a grand April fools prank. First only one hour of sleep, next nearly losing my passport and now flight to Niagara delayed by six hours! and missed sound check! It's going to be a case of land and straight to concert. I'm going make this show by any means necessary!

And when he did, he delivered an unforgettable performance.

Sean started out the concert with two of his popular songs: Do You Remember and Ride It. The crowd was wild and very excited he finally made it. Then he slowed down the tempo by singing a throwback song, Eyes on You, from his first album. One lucky girl, NU Freshman Andrea Nicolia, was picked and went up on stage, where Sean sang his love song If I Ain't Got You. That lucky girl was
Nicolia is a secondary english education student from Grand Island. She was excited to learn that Sean was coming to NU. But she was even more shocked when he pulled her on stage to sing to her.
I was excited and nervous all at the same time! It was such an incredible and a once in a lifetime experience! she said.

After his precious love song to Nicolia, Sean broke it down for the rest of us. He informed the audience that he is currently signed to Cash Money Records. Other artists that are signed to that label include Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Kevin Rudolf and Young Money.

Sean performed an a cappella beat box bit to the hit song A-Milli by Lil Wayne. The crowd went wild and Sean developed more fans from this hidden skill.

Skylar Fairchild, Class of 2013 sophomore president, shared his reaction.

The beat boxing was outstanding and I wish he incorporated more of that in his concert. He developed a fan just for that talent alone.  I wish more people would have attended this concert, because it was truly outstanding.

Sean's next soon-to-be hit song, Hit the Lights, was next on his set and the crowd was excited to hear the new song.

As the concert came to an end, Sean ended the night with his No. 1 hits Down and 2012.

After the concert, members of NUSGA and volunteers who volunteered their time to set up and tear down the concert had the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with the artist.
Jasen Saraj and Hanan Samuel, freshmen cousins at NU, shared their experience.

It was amazing to meet one of our favorite artists. He was so down to earth and being able to meet him was unreal, they said.
DJ Virtuoso, a freshman at Niagara University, had a great time at the concert  “ despite the delay.

Even though Jay Sean was an hour late, I think he did deliver what everyone came to see; a great concert! he said.

Along with Virtuoso, Vincent Schiano, a sophomore at NU, said the same thing. The concert was awesome. The fact that Jay Sean had waited through eight hours of delays in the airport and gave NU an incredible concert was amazing. I loved every aspect of it.

It went well in spite of the late start and being unsure if he was going to make it at all, said Campus Activities Director, Mati Ortiz.
NUSGA Programming Director Kelliann Needam and Student Body President Chris Zukas echoed what Ortiz said.

They said the concert went well,  considering the circumstances. The concert would not have been as successful as it was without the help of students and  other volunteers.

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