September 27, 2011

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 82, Issue 1


by Vince Schiano


The Niagara University Student Government Association is more than excited to kick off the 2011-12 academic school year. NUSGA parallels the university's theme of change with a multitude of new additions and improvements. The club is divided into four different class delegations and one cabinet, all of which work diligently together to serve the needs of the students.

First things first, the most noticeable change to NUSGA is its new location. The organization is now based on the east side of the Gallagher Center in the new Student Organization Center. Features of the new office include a conference room and also computers for student use. This new addition will offer both NUSGA and other organizations a contemporary workspace to assemble and collaborate in.

Location is only one of the many changes that NUSGA underwent this past year. The infrastructure of the organization also has changed dramatically. The NUSGA cabinet now primarily consists of new positionholders, with the exception of Chris Zukas, the returning student body president.

Besides the mass amount of changes in representation, NUSGA has condensed the many committees it formally had into three consolidated ones: outreach and advancement, programming, and internal review. The purpose of these committees is to bring more minds to work on several issues and programs to more effectively serve the students. Formally, there were more than seven different committees, which proved to divide the legislative body far too much for smooth functioning.

In the past several years, NUSGA was focused strongly on programming. What we are striving for now is a combination of student advocacy and programming, Zukas said.

With this is mind, NUSGA encourages any student or member of the Niagara community to voice their opinion to the organization. NUSGA seeks to maintain an amicable relationship with the students.

NUSGA's mission statement reads: NUSGA shall strive to address all interests and concerns of student welfare, provide for support, funding and guidance for student organizations and exemplify those values held to be most ideal.

Stay tuned for periodic updates as to what NUSGA is doing to better the NU community and student body.

For more information, students can visit or simply speak with any NUSGA representative. NUSGA looks forward to working with students to ensure a successful and enjoyable 2011-12 school year.



'The Niagara University Student Government Association column will run in the Niagara Index throughout the school year.

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