September 27, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 1

Science building a work in progress

The site of the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences. (photo by Lauren Merrick)

The site of the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences. (photo by Lauren Merrick)

Anyone who has walked on campus this semester has undoubtedly seen the construction site where the main parking lot used to be.

According to Dr. Judy Willard, assistant to the president for planning, the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences will be constructed over the next two years. Willard expects the building will be pretty much complete by May and then over the summer we'll be moving in and getting the faculty set up so we can start school in August of 2013.

Willard explains the progress so far. The basement is dug ... the foundations are being put in. The utilities are being structured and brought to the site and all that infrastructure work is being done.

By Christmas she expects steel to be at the site, at which point construction will shut down for three or four months to avoid having to fence the area in from the winter elements.

The new building will have labs and classrooms for biochemistry, biology, chemistry and physics. The campus master plan states the school's goal with the Center for Integrated Sciences is to increase collaboration and learning among students and faculty through shared and interactive spaces. The plan calls for 'science on display to encourage more student participation.

Willard says DePaul Hall will remain as an academic building. It will become the home of several arts and sciences departments, such as psychology, mathematics, CIS, nursing and social work. Many of the current science labs will be converted to classrooms.

The master plan extends to an as-yet indeterminate time and includes new student residences, a new student center and new dining commons near the science building.

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