November 09, 2010

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Volume 81, Issue 4

Jack's Mannequin Performs at NU

Photos by Ashley Shufelt

Photos by Ashley Shufelt

Last night, Kiernan Center's basketball court was transformed into Jack's Mannequin world.  As a replacement band for O.A.R., the band stepped up to the plate and delivered a spellbinding performance.        
Some of the crowd could be hear murmuring their displeasure for the replacements “ but most of the crowd anxiously waiting to get in, humming the tunes of The Resolution or Annie Get Your Telescope.
The opening act, Eric Stepanian, stunned the crowd with his heartfelt tune to his ex-college undercover lover with Call Me When You're Famous.  His one-man guitar show oozed of purely chilled-out music anyone would love to hear.  The kicker of the night was his homage to pop anthems including samples from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Backstreet Boys, Rihanna and N'SYNC.  
While Jack's Mannequin kept the crowd waiting, “ the band failed to disappoint when its arrival came.  The show may have started a bit slow with a few people swaying to the tunes, but Kiernan Center blew up with the echoes of Dark Blue.  
Jack's Mannequin ended the performance with an encore that included Swim “ a personal reflection of the time when Jack's lead singer, Andrew McMahon, battled with leukemia.  
McMahon's dangerously mesmerizing face is a sight to see while he performs.  He oozes pure raw emotion and heartfelt love for what he and his band do.  From jumping off the piano, to stomping on the keys, to throwing the set list into the crowd “ this was one performance that Niagara University deserved.  
For more information on Eric Stepanian, visit or
Jack's Mannequin is online at: and
“Photos by Ashley Shufelt



Photos taken by Sarah Kim. Video created by Sarah Kim.

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