November 09, 2010

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Volume 81, Issue 4

Maroon 5 'Hands All Over'

Photo courtesy of Aran Ho Yeow Yong.

Photo courtesy of Aran Ho Yeow Yong.

Maroon 5, the American pop-rock band from Los Angeles, is back with a well-rated album, Hands All Over.  A&M/Octone Records released this album Sept. 21.  
The labels has also released albums from popular bands such as Flyleaf and Hollywood Undead.  
Maroon 5 recorded Hands All Over high in the mountains of Switzerland at Mutt's Recording Studio in 2009.  Their record producer was Robert John Mutt Lange.  Hands All Over is Maroon 5's third album.
The first song on Hands All Over, Misery is a great start to this album.  
According to freshman at NU Jocelyn Mankowski, the song Misery is  very catchy, and I couldn't agree more.
  Misery is on iTunes' top song list. I enjoyed listening to Stutter.  Stutter was a very upbeat song that really caught my attention when I was listening to Hands All Over.  Hands All Over was a really good track that was an interesting song, and a strong beat that stood out from the rest of the songs on the album.  
Another track that was outstanding was Runaway.  This song had an enjoyable sound, and I feel like it's a song you could listen to over and over again. It had an amazing beat.  
The only song that I really did not like on this album was Out of Goodbyes. This track was sung as a duet with Lady Antebellum.  I strongly disliked the sound of Lady Antebellum and Maroon 5 together.  It sounded like they were in pain singing with each other, and it just didn't flow.  The rest of the songs on Hands All Over were decent songs, but didn't really stand out.
Overall, Hands All Over is a great album and Maroon 5 did an amazing job putting the tracks together.  
NU freshman Emily Read says, Hands All Over will remind everybody about (Maroon 5's) true talent.  
I'm going to give this album 4 out of 5 stars, because it was a great CD to sit down and listen too, but Maroon 5 could have done a few things different to improve it.  They could have made more unique beats, because a lot of them sound similar.  Also Maroon 5 could have done the duet for Out of Goodbyes with another artist.  
Out of all of Maroon 5's albums, Hands All Over is the best.  I would definitely recommend it to a friend.   It is worth buying.
Maroon 5 will be performing Dec. 4 at HSBC Arena in Buffalo for Kiss 98.5's Kissmas Bash.  Kelly Rowland, Neon Trees, Charice, Miranda Cosgrove and Kevin Rudolf will also perform.  AT&T, Niagara University, and Yroswell sponsor this event. 

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