February 04, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 5

Cody's Food Bit for Feb. 4, 2011

The Brickyard employees prepare barbecue ribs. Picture by Logan Rudemiller.

The Brickyard employees prepare barbecue ribs. Picture by Logan Rudemiller.

As a result of many of your suggestions, I decided to begin my career as a featured restaurant reviewer at The Brickyard Pub & BBQ in Lewiston.

At first glance, the Brickyard struck me as a casual, fun eatery. The décor consists of various beer mirrors, a fireplace, and brick walls. Their target market is clearly young adults, but there is also a small dining area for families or anyone who may wish to escape the noisy bar scene.

A giant menu was placed in front of me and I found it to be full of traditional BBQ favorites, customizable platters, and clever euphemisms. I opted for one of the Pit Platters. My platter came with a half chicken, St. Louis ribs, a hunk of cornbread and two sides.

St. Louis ribs are cut from the back/middle section of the ribcage and tend to be larger than baby back ribs.

 My immense amount of food came out quickly, but this was not fast food. The chicken and pork were tasty treats on their own, and would prove to be even better with a dab of The Brickyard's souvenir BBQ Sauce. The pork tasted and smelled smokey, with a nicely charred exterior and a delightfully chewy interior.

You have to love a restaurant that accompanies your meat with more meat. Unless you are a vegetarian. In that case, The Brickyard may not be the best dining option for you.

As for sides, I went with the mashed potatoes and spicy Cajun corn. The mashed potatoes were steaming hot and creamy. They were slightly lumpy, but I was OK with that as it revealed their authenticity. The Cajun corn was average at best. It left me wishing I would've chosen The Brickyard chili instead. The complimentary cornbread was a little dry, which made my desire for chili grow even stronger.

This Center Street pub impressed me with its massive portions, speed of service, and barbecue-style food that was far better than typical bar fare.
3 out of 4 stars

I like!! (excellent quality): St. Louis ribs

Not-so-much (needs work): Spicy Cajun corn

Food questions, comments or suggestions for a restaurant that you would like me to review? Shoot me an e-mail at ccastiglia@mail.niagara.edu.

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