February 04, 2011

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 81, Issue 5

Editor-In-Chief: My Side of the Story

Shown are the Index editors and writers.

Shown are the Index editors and writers.


I'm going to begin this letter with my farewell.

I will be studying abroad in Europe next semester. Therefore, an acting editor-in-chief will take over The Niagara Index.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Ashley Shufelt, a very diligent, kind and talented NU communication studies senior.

She has worked very hard as one of the Index's layout editors, and I know she has what it takes to put the time and endless amount of energy into running this paper.

I feel very grateful that she will be taking the lead while I am gone.

But that's not all I'm grateful for.

I truly can say in confidence that this semester's paper has improved more than ever since I have been a student at NU.

Our editors worked very hard, especially Ashley and our other talented layout editor, Hannah Marchese. They both worked day after day before our Monday night deadline to put the paper together and make it look professional and attractive.

Lela Mayfield, our business manager, has reached out to many in both the NU and surrounding communities to provide the paper with ads and income.

Our Web editor, Sarah Kim, has been great with updating our online site. Didn't know we had a site? Check us out at http://index.niagara.edu/. My former web supervisor at CBS 2 news in

NYC was impressed; hopefully you will be, too.

There is also one other person who has, in my opinion, greatly contributed to the success of the Index, as well as my success as editor-in-chief. His name is Josh Maloni.

Josh used to be the editor of the Index when he attended school at NU. Now, he is an editor for Niagara Frontier Publications and an NU faculty member. He teaches CMS 224A and CMS 226A “ so take them!  

Josh has actually gone to work for a full, long day, and then come straight to the Index office to help edit the material and fix up the layout ... until 4 a.m. I believe that's our record.

He's taught me so much about journalism and how to improve my writing. He is a very patient and friendly advisor who is always willing to help anyone learn.

I can demand a lot, and he helps us accomplish the goals I set out.

I appreciate everything he has given to the Index (a lot).

Last, but not least, the writers.

Without their work and curiosity, the Index would simply be nonexistent. The quality of their writing is reflected in the articles they write. I hope they continue to embrace this opportunity and use it to benefit their skills for their academic and professional futures.

The Index is always welcoming more writers, so keep an eye out for posters, e-mails or presentations next semester.

This past semester, I have received numerous compliments about the Index from professors, administration and even students whom I'd never met. I'd like to give a warm thank you to all of those who have taken the time to do this.

Despite the compliments, I've also heard faculty and students make negative comments about the Index. Not suggestions or inquiries about specific issues, just comments.

Of course, they didn't know I was the editor when they said these things, but that's good because I can get the scoop on what they really think.

In response to this, I'll ask them when they last picked up a copy. They all have said they haven't in a while.

For instance, one morning after staying up until 3 a.m. editing the paper, I distributed some issues outside of our office door.

I saw a student pick up a copy of the paper and say, Is there anything interesting in here? No. She laughed and threw the paper back on the stand. Really? Is this what some students still think about the Index? Why not try and actually spend two minutes flipping through the paper? Read while you walk to class, while you cook dinner, during commercials of Glee or The Office. I don't care! You might just be surprised and find something interesting.

I'm not asking you to become a fan, per se. I'm just suggesting that you consider the Index as a source of news on campus and respect it.

The Index seems to have had such a bad rep. in the past that some members of the NU community think it's still the same, and that's sad. It's sad because people are missing out and judging it before they give it a chance. Let's all make it better by giving some input.

If you do or don't like something, write us. If you see errors or think we aren't doing our best, write us. If you want more of something or less of something, write us. We get more responses more often than you'd think. Trust me, you won't be the only one!

We'd love to hear what suggestions you have. The best part is, you won't hurt our feelings, because we are professionals. We want to strive to do better and to serve the NU community as an objective, interesting news source on campus.

Also, write editorials! I hear a lot of both compliments and complaints about the way things are on campus, but I don't often see editorials in the Index inbox.

The Index is an excellent, convenient avenue to get your point across. Don't be intimidated to take advantage of it.

The Index staff is pleased to say Lauren will be back as editor-in-chief in the fall.

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