February 04, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 5

Albright Knox Hosts Sabres Exhibition

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller chats with Buffalo Sabrews Alum Danny Gare. Photo by Lauren Merrick.

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller chats with Buffalo Sabrews Alum Danny Gare. Photo by Lauren Merrick.

Are you a Sabres fan? If so, you might want to make a trip to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

The gallery is currently hosting an exhibit that features more than 200 photographs that capture the Sabres' 40 years in the NHL.

Forty: Sabres in the NHL “ A Photographic and Multimedia Celebration was organized by the gallery and the Buffalo Sabres Foundation.

Gallery Director Louis Grachos worked with Sabres staff members Melissa Gebhardt (graphics consultant), Frank Cravotta (director of creative services), and Vicki Sitek (graphic artist)  to choose images for the exhibit. Together, they sifted through more than 10,000 photographs over three months.

We reduced it down to 200 images that would present a cohesive visual history of the Buffalo Sabres' past, Grachos said. In all, it took roughly six months in defining the exhibition.

The 40 years documented in the exhibit started when Seymour H. Knox III and Northrup R. Knox “ the sons of the gallery's patron, Seymour H. Knox Jr. “ advocated for the NHL to come to Buffalo for its 1970-71 season. 

The Knox family was the reason this team came to be in Buffalo, and it's nice to see this exhibit in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, said NU sophomore and Sabres fan Anthony DiBacco.

The exhibit hosts the works of three photographers: Bill Wippert, Ron Moscati and Robert Shaver.

These are the artists that have covered the NHL and the Sabres in our community for the greatest span of time, Grachos said.  

Moscati described his experience of attending the exhibit.

It literally brought tears to my eye, he said. I was there at the beginning years of the Sabres. ¦ I really didn't want anyone to forget what a great team they had at the beginning.

Sabres alum Rob Ray also paid a visit to the exhibit.

The thing is, you look at a lot of the pictures and you forget. But when you look at them, it kind of sparks your interest again and memories, he said. You look at a lot of the old, old ones and the people that were involved long before you were here. It's pretty cool, because there's really not that one spot where you can go and see that type of picture.

Besides the photographs, the installation NHL in 360º provides another look at the Sabres.

It's installed in our galleries and will feature a combination of photography, video clips, and a major video/audio installation of on-ice action, Grachos said.

High definition, point-of-view cameras were assembled on some of the players' helmets in order to capture a view of the game from their perspective.

Jason Pominville had one on his helmet, and I had one on my helmet for a game, said Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who participated in gathering live footage.

NU junior Michael Donahue attended the exhibit and said the installation was his favorite part.

You are in a room with a screen probably 30 feet in length and it showed several videos into one.  They had about four or five cameras placed everywhere during a game, said Donahue.

They would show a game through these different perspectives and continually change the camera to make you feel like you were actually in a game. 

NU sophomore and Sabres fan Brian Jaszka said "the exhibition is a great way for younger kids who are Sabres fans to learn about the history of an NHL franchise that has gone through many ups and downs".

Miller agreed.

There's a lot of great moments, he said. It's pretty cool to be a part of it. When you step back and think about how much history is here and be in the pictures and part of it all, it's pretty cool.

In addition to the exhibit, the Stanley Cup will be on display at the Albright Knox from Jan. 2-5, 2011, and the exhibit is open until Jan. 9, 2011.

The exhibit was timed to coincide with the IIHF World Junior Championship games, which will be held at Buffalo's HSBC Arena, and NU's very own Dwyer Arena (see related story) from Dec. 26 through Jan. 5.

For tickets, visit www.albrightknox.org/forty.

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