February 04, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 5

Loss to UB and Win Against Rochester Leave NU With 10-5 Record

Shown is Joey Chiomastro. Photo Courtesy of Gordon Anderson.

Shown is Joey Chiomastro. Photo Courtesy of Gordon Anderson.

The weekend started off with a major upset for the Purple Eagles, with a four to three loss to ECHL rival the University at Buffalo. This was, by far, one of the toughest and most physical games

Niagara has had to date this season. Heightened tensions were seen from the first puck drop to the final seconds of the game.

Buffalo took the early lead in the opening minute of play, but Niagara quickly came back with a goal from Joe Baldinelli. UB would go on to pick up one additional goal during the first period.

Midway through the second, Niagara found themselves in a tricky predicament: Goalie Dane Wakefield was given a 10-minute misconduct, forcing Niagara to put in Jon Anderson cold off the bench. Anderson was able to successfully do his job and did not give up a single goal.

The final period would be just as chaotic and intense as the previous two. With a tied score for much of the third, both teams were fending for the winning goal. Unfortunately for Niagara, the final blow came with two penalties around the 15-minute mark, which left a five-on-three scenario. The Eagles' defense could not hold out, as Buffalo scored the winning goal on the power play.           

The following night, Niagara had to quickly regroup in order to take on the University of Rochester.

During the first period, the Eagles concentrated their efforts on attacking Rochester's net. Rochester took the lead midway through the period and it wasn't until the end of the first that Niagara was able to even the score, with a goal from Ryan Hughes.

During the second, Niagara would pick up five additional goals, one on the power play.  The scoring frenzy continued as Baldinelli brought in the Eagles fifth goal of the night in the middle of the period. Rochester would manage to sneak in a shot in the final minute of play only to be thwarted by a sixth Niagara goal from Joey Chiomastro.  

Even though Niagara had a considerable lead by the end of the second period, it would not stop them from picking up four additional goals in the final period. The Eagles weren't the only ones picking up points in the third. Rochester would go on to score three goals throughout the third. Niagara's seventh goal was made by Dave Wesolowski. Before the period was halfway over, Chiomastro would pick up his second goal of the night. The combined efforts of Chiomastro, Kevin Morrison and Joseph Finelli to score the last goal of the game brought in a Niagara win, 10 “ 5.

Chiomastro, who was recently out due to a concussion, remarks, I thought we played a pretty solid game. We were a little slow out of the gate, but had a good second and third period. It feels good to finally find the net and contribute.

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