February 23, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 7

NU comes out with new academic calendar for fall semester

This spring semester will not only mark the end to another school year, but the end to the current academic calendar.

In the fall semester, there will be a new academic calendar. Classes will start later in September and end earlier in May. No longer will there be a five-week Christmas break “ students and professors will  instead have less than a month off in between semesters. Most notably, graduation will be a week earlier and ceremonies will now be held on campus.

I really like how graduation ceremonies will be on campus; I'm really excited about that “ it's a great change, stated junior Gabrielle Wilson.

NU's academic calendar has undergone significant changes in an effort to implement a better schedule for students, one that will improve their NU experience. So says an e-mail sent out to the student body by

Executive Vice President/Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bonnie Rose.   

This will offer an opportunity for all our graduates and their families to enjoy a beautiful spring event on their own campus, Rose stated in her e-mail on behalf of Niagara University.  

In the new academic calendar, classes will be held on the Tuesday after Columbus Day, allowing Alumni Weekend to now include more opportunities for current students to engage with alumni, and more activities to encourage younger alumni to come back to campus. In addition, the university will no longer close campus to recognize Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday, but will instead make a major commitment to celebrate that day with related service opportunities on and off campus, which will feature special ceremonies and events.

The fall semester will not start until the Tuesday after Labor Day, providing students the opportunity to stay employed during the holiday weekend and/or spend it with family and friends. The later start will push finals week to Dec. 14-21.

Classes for the spring semester will start a week earlier on Jan. 16, 2012.

Some students and professors have voiced mixed reactions about the earlier start of the spring semester.

I think the new academic calendar is very interesting. It seems great for students and they are what are important, said Professor Noelle Tuner. (But) I don't really like how close finals are to Christmas.

Student Anthony Elmore said, I like starting later and getting out earlier; however, I am not a fan of losing the week at winter recess.

Students traveling home for Christmas break “ especially traveling long distances “ may face a challenge of getting home for Christmas festivities. Depending on their exam schedule, students may find that they have little time to finish any last-minute Christmas shopping with only a few days separating the last day of exams and Christmas Eve. This could cause added stress for students so soon after finals week.

 I don't like the fact that Christmas break will be shorter, we should have a longer break with a chance to relax in between semesters, student Jason Gentzke said.

Some on campus have said they don't mind the new academic calendar and prefer to start the day after the holiday weekend with the shorter winter break. It's a chance for people to be outdoors and soak up the sun a little bit longer or on the less pleasurable side people could spend it working.  

I like the fact we start after Labor Day, other than that I don't really mind the changes; I don't think they will affect me that much, stated Wilson.


                 FALL 2011                                                                                                                                       SPRING 2012

September 1    Thursday Advisement and late registration for new students from                 January 13    Friday    Advisement and late registration for new students                     12:30 pm to 3:00 pm                                        from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm                                                     
September 6    Tuesday    Classes begin                                                                                           January 16    Monday    Classes begin
October 10    Monday    Columbus Day “ Holiday
                                            March 2           Friday    Mid-term ends
October 21    Friday    Mid-Term ends                            March 3    Saturday    Spring Break begins after the last class
November 11    Friday    Last day for course withdrawal without permission            March 12    Monday    Classes resume
November 22    Tuesday    Thanksgiving  recess begins after the last class
                                            March 30    Friday    Last day for course withdrawal without permission
November 28    Monday    Classes resume                            
                                            April 4    Wednesday    Easter recess begins after the last class
December 15    Thursday    Examination Week begins                    April 10    Tuesday    Classes resume
December 21    Wednesday    Fall Semester ends                    May 1    Tuesday    Study Day
                                            May 2    Wednesday    Examination Week begins

                                            May 8      Tuesday    Spring Semester Ends
                                            May 12    Saturday    Graduate Graduation
                                            May 13    Sunday    Undergraduate Graduation        

                                                           2012 Summer Sessions
                                            Holidays:  May 28, 2012 and July 4, 2012
Undergraduate    Start Date    End Date    Graduate    Start Date    End Date
Session I    May 22 Tuesday    June 15 Friday    Session I    May 21 Monday    June 16 Saturday
Session II    June 18 Monday    July 12 Thursday    Session II    June 18 Monday    July 14 Saturday
Cross Session    May 22 Tuesday    July 18 Wednesday    Session III    July 16 Monday    August 11 Saturday


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