February 23, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 7

Album review: English pop rock band McFly

Formed in 2003, and launched onto the British scene in 2004 after touring with Busted, McFly has risen to the top in the UK. With the release of the band's newest album, Above the Noise, McFly hopes to break the charts and even come onto the American music scene.

Let's meet the boys of McFly.

Tom Fletcher is the lead guitarist and singer, as well as the main songwriter. Perhaps the geek of the group, Fletcher came up with the band's name. Having a passion for Back to the Future, he chose to use the last name of the main character, Marty McFly. He also has a passion for cats, noting in the About Me column on his Twitter account: Cat Farmer and part time songwriter.

Danny Jones, the other lead guitarist and singer, was the second of the four boys to join McFly, after mistakenly trying out for the boy-band V, which he thought was an instrumental band. Jones can be classified as the stereotypical rambunctious, northern Englander, who has a love for his hometown soccer, ahem, football team, the Bolton Wanderers.

Dougie Poynter is the bass guitarist and sings backing vocals. The youngest of the group, he is also the one who doesn't talk much, but when he does it is something you'll never forget. Poynter has a very intricate tattoo on his chest, shoulder, and down his arm portraying a space-themed scene, including Neil Armstrong flipping off an alien.

Harry Judd is the drummer extraordinaire. He and Poynter met at an NME (New Musical Express, a magazine in the UK) magazine ad shoot for McFly. Growing up as a child in the posh part of England, with a posh lifestyle, none would have believed that he would have joined a band “ and a successful one at that. On top of that, Judd also has had a history with one Lindsay Lohan.

During the past eight years, McFly has released six albums. The first album, Room on the 3rd Floor, (2004), went straight to No.1 on the English charts, giving the band the record as the youngest band to have reached No. 1 (a record The Beatles held before). McFly's first single was Five Colours in Her Hair, which can still be heard on British radio today.

In 2005, the band released its second album, Wonderland, which also received brilliant reviews. McFly's third album, Motion in the Ocean, released in 2006, debuted a single called Please, Please, a song written about Lohan. All the Greatest Hits, McFly's fourth album, released in 2007, was not one they wanted to release. But their record company, Island Records, wanted it done.

With different viewpoints and ideas, McFly broke off from Island Records and started their own record label, Super Records. On this label, in 2008, McFly released their fifth album, Radio:Active. The album was a sound that McFly actually wanted to produce, a sound that would shatter their early act as adorable little rock ˜n' roll stars.

Radio:Active features lyrics such as pour yourself a coffee, put your clothes back on and tell me your name, and words that you don't want your mother to hear. In 2010, McFly signed back on with Island Records, but with a 50/50 contract with their own Super Records, thus ensuring that their mature sound stays. With Island Records, they released their most recent and grown-up album, Above the Noise.

Above the Noise, released in 2010, is an album that does not sound like any album McFly has released before. Above the Noise has more sensual, sexy songs and rhythms. So far, the disc has yielded three singles: Party Girl, That's the Truth, and Shine a Light “ featuring Tiao Cruz. On top of that, McFly recently won a BRIT Award, and 4Music Video Honors “ Best Video of 2010 for Party Girl.

In 2006, McFly appeared, as themselves, in the American movie, Just My Luck, starring Lohan and Chris Pine. They played a struggling band trying to make it in the USA, which isn't far off from what they are trying to do right now. During this time, there was a rumored romance between Lohan and Judd, creating the song Please, Please. Please, please, Lindsay, please¦your red is taking me higher, the song says.

McFly is preparing to go on tour “ the Above the Noise Tour “ around the UK. The band has launched SuperCity, a website all about McFly, featuring their 40-minute short film, Nowhere Left To Run, interactive features, a photo gallery, and the most up-to-date news about McFly. You can also check out www.mcflyofficial.com. Their albums are also available on iTunes.

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