February 23, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 7

Yoga: Club debuts at NU

Shown is a typical yoga class. Picture courtesy by Nick Solly.

Shown is a typical yoga class. Picture courtesy by Nick Solly.

Niagara University, over the last year, has seen a huge increase in the number of students attending yoga classes. According to yoga instructor Nicholas Barnes, he has taught about 700 students on campus, with classes ranging from 25-30 people.

Since yoga has been receiving so much attention, the next logical step for Barnes seemed to be creating Niagara University's first yoga club.

The need for the club came with the surplus of students wanting to take classes. There was a class where I literally had to turn away 10-15 people, says Barnes.

Amy Domiano, tourism major says,  The addition of yoga classes has become a great way to relieve stress. I would love to see more chances to take a class.

The yoga club, currently in the process of becoming officially recognized by Niagara University, has seen an interest from over 60 students. Further, Barnes states that he has a mailing list of more than 250.

So where has this interest in yoga come from? According to Jessica Batchelor, English education major, Yoga has been so enjoyable because of the instructor's passion for teaching. You really feel like he wants to help.

Barnes is an international studies major and  a certified yoga instructor for the last seven years. Since this will be his last year at NU, there are many goals that he has for yoga club, and hopes to get off the ground before leaving Niagara.

According to Barnes, one of the main goals for yoga club will be getting more people certified. He would also like to start taking people to different lecture series, with topics such as meditation, nutrition and cooking. He would like the club to include an aspect that will allow students the opportunity to give back to the community by hosting workshops.

Teaching yoga, I have seen all different types of students from every type of background. Yoga is for everyone, states Barnes.  

Diversity will also be another important aspect of yoga club.

What's the ultimate goal? Barnes states, For yoga club to not just be a club, but eventually for students to create their own studio on campus and have it be a student-run business.

The classes are a lot more toning and stretching than I thought, you really do start seeing a difference in your flexibility after the first few weeks, states Mary Gibson.  

Although Barnes believes there will be additional classes added, for now classes meet Monday and Wednesday nights, Tuesday mornings, and Sunday afternoons.

Information about the status of the club will be given out after some of the classes.

I have a great appreciation for the school and I really hope that this is a way for me give something back to NU, states Barnes.

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