March 17, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 8

Golisano rumors 'not true'

by John M. Curtin

A sketch of the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Success.

A sketch of the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Success.

Recently, rumors have spread across campus that construction of the B. Thomas Golisano Science Complex will begin in mid-March.  With plans revolving around its construction in what is now the main parking lot, student concerns have been growing.

That is not true, says John Barker, director of Campus Safety. The ground-breaking ceremony is estimated to be sometime in late May.

According to Barker, there has been no official date set for actual construction to begin.  It is possible that some work will be completed before the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, but as Barker exclaims, nothing is certain at this point.

Regardless, there is still great concern about the parking situation for whenever construction does begin. The new complex will cover anywhere from a third to a quarter of the current main lot. As it is today, the main lot accommodates roughly 350 vehicles “ both student and faculty.  Depending on the construction schedule after it is official, there could be a full or partial closure of the main lot.

No matter what, parking will be affected. Worst case scenario is that there will be a full closure of the lot, states Barker. I am committed to making sure that whatever spaces we lose we make up for.

The construction of the science building is part of a master plan that was created several years ago. Keeping with the statue of St. Vincent being the center of the university, all new additions will be built around the campus center, eventually making NU almost twice the size it is today. Barker further reveals that, eventually, the campus will have a design where parking will outline the perimeter of the university to accommodate every building.

It's an institutional decision that will be made by the long-range planning people, explains Barker. But the current thought is that, eventually, where the main lot is right now will hopefully turn into some sort of campus green, as part of the campus' green initiative.  

Barker assures that there are still many ideas being thrown around.  

Does this mean that concerns over parking are still warranted “ even though construction isn't to begin for months to come?

 Luna McGill, a commuter student, enjoys being able to drive to school each day. McGill said that whenever construction begins, parking will be even more chaotic than it is now.

I'll probably just have to walk to school “ which will be hard in the winter especially, McGill explained. They should just build a big parking garage or something “ it'd make things so much easier.

For commuters such as Kelsey Cox, who comes from Tonawanda each day, walking is definitely not an option. Her opinion is that even if parking was extended to the Power Vista lots and further back in DwyerArena's lot, it'll still be a far walk to any building.

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