March 30, 2011

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Volume 81, Issue 9

Cody's Food Bit for March 30, 2011

Tomato salad courtesy of

Tomato salad courtesy of

These week's Food Bit is all about eating and cooking healthy, nutritional food.

Eating food with nutritional value can make you feel great. I will give you some tips on how to avoid that freshman 15 and that plague that is sweeping your residence hall.

Let's be honest: We all know that we aren't going to eat healthy food if it doesn't taste very good. The perception of healthy food is often that it has to be bland-tasting and unappealing.

Restaurants have done little to deter this image. Variety can help stop food boredom. A lack of variety is a big reason why healthy eating often falls by the wayside. There are many ways to intensify flavor in your food without excessive fat, sugar or salt.

As I stated in my last article, having enough salt in your meals is crucial to how they will taste. However, by using acids (tomatoes, citrus juice, vinegars, ect.), you will find that you won't need as much salt in your cooking.

By utilizing fresh herbs and spices, vinegars, chiles, and citrus, you can use less fat in your cooking and still have it taste amazing.

Stressed about an upcoming exam? The popular book Eat this, not that suggests a handful of trail mix or cereal for an increase in energy; coffee for short term memory; salmon for brain power; and one cup of yogurt to relieve stress. The authors also recommend green tea, oranges, and avocado if you are feeling under the weather.
Food for Thought

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