March 12, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 1

Dr. Paul Vermette

Dr. Paul Vermette.

Dr. Paul Vermette.

Let's go Buffalo! It's a common cheer one hears around Dr. Paul Vermette, an education professor at NU and Bills and Sabres season ticket holder.  
Vermette has taught at NU for 27 years and received his master's from NU. A connection to the school seems to run in his family. Vermette's father played football at NU. He honors his father by displaying his letter sweaters in his office. Vermette's son is also an alum of NU.
Vermette absolutely loves what he does, which is evident through his contagious enthusiasm and energy.
He's won countless awards, including NU Professor of the Year once and New York State Teacher of the Year twice. He was also nominated twice for U.S. Professor of the Year.
Vermette has written four texts books and 91 articles. He uses one of his textbooks, Teens in Their Own Learning in his classroom. In this book, he has conducted three different case studies of three incredible teachers in North America. Vermette hopes his students will emulate these teachers.
Vermette is involved in many organizations. He is the president of the New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and serves on the Catholic School Board of Trustees.
Vermette lives with his wife of 41 years, Kit, and has a son, Matthew, who's a social studies teacher.

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