March 12, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 3, Issue 1

Dr. Robert Kane

by John M. Curtin

Dr. Robert Kane.

Dr. Robert Kane.

Perhaps the most valuable quality any historian can have is being modern. Dr. Robert Kane definitely fits that description.
I think the key to teaching history is that it needs to be relevant to now. It can't just be matching policies and terms with historical figures, Kane says.
Kane has been a professor in the history department at Niagara University for the past eight and a half years.  He's been an Academic Senator, chair of the General Education Committee, and an executive in the faculty union. He teaches a variety of 10 different courses. Before that, Kane completed his bachelor's degree at Williams College with honors in 1988. Afterwards, he worked in Japan until 1991 when he came back to the states to complete his master's degree in Asian studies at Cornell University in 1992. In 1996, he achieved his second master's degree in history and in 2002 his doctorate in the same study at the University of Pennsylvania.  To this day, Kane's overall historical focus is Woodrow Wilson and racism in Japan. He attends conferences and continues research, while teaching at NU.
Besides teaching, Kane has worked as a member of the Restoration Advisory Board for Lake Ontario's Ordinance Works.

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