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Fall Music Preview

by Emilyann Kerr

Pop/Rap    Taylor Swift has spent the time since her last album experimenting with different genres. One track on her upcoming album, according to Rolling Stone, has a “dubstep-inspired bass breakdown” another will be a “howling, U2-style epic with reverb-drenched guitars.” We know it'll be Taylor Swift, though, because it's set to have quite a few breakup songs. “Red” will come out Oct. 23. Key Track: “We Are Never Ever Getting...

Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollar Trilogy’ too good to forget

by Ed Fronczak

    Long before Walk Kowalski was approaching 80 years old, before the outlaw Josey Wales was even an outlaw, a point in time when even Dirty Harry wasn’t sure of how many shots had been fired, “The Man With No Name” trilogy had perfected a look so threatening that it could strike fear into even the most dirty and dusty man of western mythology.     The trilogy, also known as the “Dollar Trilogy,” features three films starring...