March 23, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 12

Lime Crime: bringing bright and unique colors to the makeup industry

Creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, wearing airborne unicorn lipstick.

Creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, wearing airborne unicorn lipstick.

When Doe Deere went through makeup aisles she couldn't find anything with enough color to fulfill her craving for something different. So, she did what any brave person in her situation would do: She made her own makeup line, called Lime Crime.

"I love color and bright makeup, and couldn't find a line that was pigmented enough. So I decided to make my own," said Deere.

Building a makeup line from the bottom up was no easy task for Deere, who came to the U.S. from Russia when she was only 17. "As someone with no experience, I had to learn everything from scratch - from sample-making, to packaging design, to manufacturing procedures. I'm very glad I did it though, it's the best job I've ever had."

Lime Crime offers a variety of bright colored eye pigments and lipsticks, such as "No She Didn't" opaque lipstick, which is an intense shade of blue, and "Circus Girl" magic dust, a bright yellow shadow.

Lime Crime can be bought online at and it recently became available at Urban Outfitters stores throughout Canada.

As for locations in the U.S., "We will be available in the Space.NK chain ( starting this April," said Deere.

Space.NK is the United Kingdom's version of Sephora and there are 13 locations throughout the U.S. and 61 in the U.K. In anticipation of Lime Crime being available at Space.NK stores, Deere will be going on a press tour.

"I am going on tour to meet my fans on the East and West coast, and in London, this spring," said Deere.

"I'm working on several different products due out in the summer," she adds. "Also, (we plan to) bring it to more stores."

Deere also has a "blogazine" where she posts Lime Crime makeup tutorials, does reviews of other products and keeps fans updated about new products that will soon be released for the makeup line.

In her every day life, Deere likes things that give her glee, which is exactly what she hopes women get from her makeup line.

"Positive emotions is our goal, no matter what we do. For me, when I'm feeling down or depressed, nothing kills the blues like a splash of color," said Deere.

What's the most gleeful thing about Lime Crime? Well, according to the creator, "I can say without hesitation, everything! From colors to packaging to the shipping box it arrives in, Lime Crime is designed to make you squeal with delight."

Lipsticks from Lime Crime are packaged in a bright purple tube adorned with a silver holographic unicorn on it. Deere even recently designed a new uni-shipper, which is the box shipped to customers who purchase Lime Crime online. It is a bright robin's egg blue with white polka-dots and (of course) a white unicorn on top.

One of the best things about Lime Crime is that it is not tested on animals and is certified cruelty-free. The lipsticks and eye shadows do not contain any animal products except bee's wax. To show love for animals through the month of March, a percentage of sales from any products bought on Lime Crime's Web site will be donated to Bideawee, one of the oldest pet adoption organizations based in NYC.

So, if you want a splash of color for your makeup collection, check out Lime Crime makeup. With a slogan, "So bright, it's illegal" you won't be disappointed.


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