April 27, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 14

Movie review: 'Date Night'

Tina Fey and her husband attend the premiere of "Date Night" in NYC. Photo by nick step

Tina Fey and her husband attend the premiere of "Date Night" in NYC. Photo by nick step

Phil (Steve Carrel) and Claire Foster (Tina Fey) are just an ordinary married couple from New Jersey. One night they decide to spice things up by going out to New York City for a fabulous dinner. When the restaurant they have their hearts set on to eat at tells them they should have made a reservation a month in advance to get a table, it looks as if their night out on the town has gone down the drain. That is, until they hear that another couple hasn't claimed their reservation.

Phil decides to pretend to be the "Tripplehorns" in order to get their table for two. After some persuading, Claire is into the idea and goes along with her husband. Midway through their dinner and after an embarrassing photo-op between Claire and Will.i.am, two thugs named Collin (Common) and Armstrong (Jimmi Simpson) interrupt them and tell them to follow them out of the restaurant. Thinking they had been caught stealing someone else's reservation, they follow the two men out of the restaurant and into a back ally.

Before they know it, Phil and Claire are being questioned about having a flash drive that they stole from mob boss Joe Milleto (Ray Liotta). They explain to the two men that they are not the Tripplehorns and have no idea what flash drive the men are talking about. Armstrong points his gun at Phil and puts it in a "kill shot" angle by turning it sideways. The thugs don't believe what the Fosters' are saying and demand they bring them to where they are hiding the flash drive. Randomly, Phil tells them he left it hidden at a boathouse in Central Park. After leading them to the boathouse, Phil and Claire make a less than brilliant get away and try to figure out how to get out of the mess they just got themselves into.

The night leads them on a chase to figure out who the Tripplehorns actually are and how they can get the flash drive back to Milleto. Security extraordinaire Holbrooke Grant (Mark Wahlberg), who does "all kinds of right" in his work, finds just what the Foster's need right before the thugs are back on their tails. They take off into the night not knowing that what they have gotten themselves into is deeper than they ever thought possible.

"Date Night" starts off a little slow, but as the movie progresses becomes a film laced with funny jokes and memorable one liners. Carrel and Fey show their chemistry together on screen both physically and comically.

"Date Night" is the perfect film to take someone on your own special night out, and it will make you think twice about trying to take someone else's reservation.

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