April 27, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 14

Kiernan Korner April 27, 2010

It is that time of year again and the semester is winding down. It has been a fun and interesting year at the Kiernan Center. Intramural leagues are in their final stages with most either completed or entering the playoffs. We hope that everyone had the opportunity to get involved in our programs and we thank you for all of your involvement. We do have a few more events coming up, so stop by the Kiernan Center and sign up.


"Sniper Spree XL?" is the 2010 co-ed indoor soccer champions. "Sniper Spree XL?" and "The Savages" went head to head for the 2010 co-ed Indoor Soccer Championships.  Both teams had almost flawless regular seasons that carried them all the way through the playoffs and into the championship.  It was a strong showing by both teams during the championship.  

The game went down to the wire in a close 4-3 victory as "Sniper Spree XL?" emerged as champions.  "Sniper Spree XL?" consists of Jordan Brown, Corey Brown, Annie Palermo, Tyler Kossow, Amanda Robbins, Meghan Couche, Joe Town, Candice Lymburner, Carmine D'Angelo, Ashley Sherman, Cameron Kovach and Erin Barnes. "K-Town" takes the 2010 floor hockey championship. After completing the gauntlet known as the floor hockey playoffs, two teams emerged as potential champions.

"K-Town" and "That's What She Said" entered the playoffs as number one and number two seeds respectively and were both favored to reach the championship game. As expected both teams effortlessly made their way through the playoffs to face off for the title of Floor Hockey Champion. "That's What She Said" was looking for revenge from a close 8-7 defeat at the hands of "K-Town" during the regular season. "That's What She Said" came out firing, putting in two quick goals to take the early lead. These two goals would prove to be too little as

"K-Town" stormed back from an early deficit to claim a 7-5 victory over their opponent and remain the number one team in floor hockey.

K-Town is: Nick Fierle, Steve Pierleoni, Rachel Hauser, Ryan Dubois, Jon Knoerl, Matt Kristan, Kyle Misour, Brad Barie and Tyler Roeder.

"Buddah Ballas" are the 2010 open indoor soccer champions. After a grueling season of up and down performances it came down to the two best teams facing off against one another to become the 2010 open indoor soccer champions. In the same fashion that most expected, reigning co-ed Indoor Soccer champions "Sniper Spree XL?" breezed through the playoffs to take on the reigning outdoor soccer champions "Buddah Ballas." What was expected to be a close contest proved the opposite.

"Sniper Spree" started things off with a quick goal to make the score 1-0. This must have woken up the "Buddah Ballas" as they ran off six unanswered goals to defeat "Sniper Spree XL?" 6-1. "Buddah Ballas" are: Justin Roundy, Pat Fierle, Nick Fierle, Matt Kristan, Joe Ahmed, Kelly Barry, Chris Lindstrand and Ryan Dubois.


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