May 11, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 15

Obama grants LGBT hospital visitation rights

Photo courtesy of See-ming Lee

Photo courtesy of See-ming Lee

Recently, President Barack Obama ordered all hospitals to give those of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community hospital visitation and health care proxy rights. This means gay couples will have the opportunity to make decisions for their partner when their partner is in a coma or in a state where they would not be able to make the decision on their own.

The White House explained that the main reason for making this move was that there are times when a widower or a widow without children are denied the companionship of a good friend, and when these wishes are denied there are some complications to the care of their health. Some of the problems that could arise if a person's partner is not allowed into the hospital room are the failure to know the patient's medical history or the correct medications. This could lead to complications to helping in a patient heal.

These new rules will ban hospitals from denying visitation rights based on race, sexual orientation, age, sex, religion and other factors in which a person can be discriminated by. The current policy that is in place is the "relatives only" policy. This means that only immediate family is allowed to visit the patient.

With the new rule in place, partners would have the right to be at each other's bedside. The states that are in the immediate process of changing their rules

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