May 11, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 15

Darius Rucker takes over Niagara University

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker is most commonly known from Hootie and the Blowfish, the Grammy Award-winning rock band. However, starting in 2008, Rucker embarked on a solo career in the country music world. His debut country album, "Learn To Live," gave him three No.1 hits on the U.S. Hot Country Songs Chart. This past year at the Country Music Awards, Rucker won New Artist of the Year, making him the first African American to do so. In all of his success, Rucker came to NU.

The concert was held in Upper Level Gallagher Center on May 1.

The anticipation for the concert became evident as students began to wait in line up to two hours before the start at 8 p.m. The stage was set up on the far, backside of the gym, and many people crowded up to the very edge of the stage while others opted for side seating. As more and more students began to enter the gym, the excitement grew as everyone waited for Rucker. When he finally took the stage, the crowd went wild! 

Rucker and his band stole the hearts of everyone in the audience. The band truly put on a very entertaining show and it was evident that they were excited to be here.

Niagara University education major Kara Connors said, "I only know Rucker from the country world and he is really great. The concert was amazing!"

Rucker played all of his hits as well as some songs from other country artists. He even played a few songs from his days with Hootie and the Blowfish. NU theater major Sarah Jessie said, "It's such a wonderful feeling to know that the person you listen to on the radio actually sounds like that live!"

The chemistry between Rucker and his bandmates was very clear and made the concert all the more entertaining. As Rucker left the stage, you could hear the crowd shouting "Encore, encore!"

NU academic exploration student Al Abramo said, "You knew the show was not over yet, I was just waiting until he came back."

And he did!

Rucker came back on stage and sang acapella. His band joined him again and they played the very popular Hootie and The Blowfish song, "Only Wanna Be With You." For his final song, he left the audience with a taste of his upcoming album by singing a new song.

Rucker put on a very enjoyable concert and left people wanting more. Rucker will be back in the Buffalo area June 18, at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.

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