May 11, 2010

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 80, Issue 15

Music Review: Do It With Malice

It's not everyday that you come across a rock band that defines its sound as "two guitar players, a Cuban, a carney, and an I.T. technician," but Do It With Malice is not an average rock band. The group performed an incredible set at the Mohawk Place recently, proving that ska, jazz, punk rock, reggae and metal can blend together perfectly if done correctly.

The six-piece band stands out from other music groups in Buffalo with its unique songs, lyrics and incorporation of saxophone and trombone solos. Local rock music fans are fortunate to have such a talented group as part the Buffalo music scene. Not all bands can put on energetic and entertaining live shows, but Do It With Malice definitely accomplished that on Saturday, April 17.

Local reggae cover band The B-side Dubs opened the late show at Mohawk Place and prepared the crowd for Do It With Malice's enjoyable set. Audience members enjoyed the band's covers of Sublime hits and other popular ska and reggae songs.

Do It With Malice started its show by humorously welcoming their fans to the front of the stage with Double-stuffed Oreos and played any songs that crowd members requested. Spirited fans of the group excitedly danced and sang along to their favorite songs as the band rocked out onstage.
The group played numerous songs off of their 2008 album for its loyal fans titled "Symphonic Homicide" which is available for free on the band's Web site. Do It With Malice agreed to perform the clever fan favorite "That's What She Said" after audience members fervently requested it.

The mix of genres that the band skillfully fuses together during its live performances keeps fans coming back for more. Luckily, Do It With Malice will be touring in the area throughout the summer and plan on recording a second, full-length album, set be released in October.

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