May 11, 2010

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Volume 80, Issue 15

Kiernan Korner May 11, 2010

As the school year comes to a close, the Kiernan Center would like to say a special thanks to all of the individuals who contributed to the Kiernan Center operations this year. Thank you to all the Kiernan Center team members, who did a great job in providing service to the university. Also thank you to all those who taight aerobics, officiated intramural games, supervised activities and moderated club sports. We enjoyed working with you to serve the university community. Finally, thank you to all those who have participated in our recreational programs, wellness courses, seminars, leagues, tournaments and various activities. Without you, we would not be here! Look forward to seeing you again in September.

As of May 17
Hours: M-F, 11am-8pm
Saturday 10am-1pm
Closed on Sundays


"Shake and Bake IV" are the 2010 co-ed volleyball champions.
What turned out to be one of the more competitive intramural leagues ended in a-not-so-competive championship game. On the way to its first volleyball championship in four years, "Shake and Bake IV" had no problems advancing through the playoffd on its way to the promise land. In its first playoff game, the team easily took out "Holy Family Dragons," winning their first two games by a combined score of 30-17. In the championship game, the team would face-off against "Goon Squad," who some predicted would be the champion. This was not the case, as "Shake and Bake" again won the first two games by a combined score of 30-19.

"Shake and Bake IV" is: Corey Brown, Tyler Kossow, Jorden Brown, Amy Young, Candice Lymbruner, Hannah Hedrick, Lauren Bowen and Amanda Robbins.

"Supersquids" are the 2010 3-on-3 basketball champions "Supersquids" have emerged as the new 3-on-3 basketball champions for the 2010 season. In what was one of the more surprising intramural leagues of the year, "Supersquids" emerged victorious.

With "The Cure" looking to four-peat and "Dream Team" looking to capitalize on their momentum frin urs championship open basketball season, nobody say what was comng when 2 teams would take the floor for the 3-on-3 championship. "Dream Team" found an early exit from the tournament at the hands of "Flow Buckets," a team that nobody expected to make it nearly as far as they did. The Cure would be knocked off in the second round by "Supersquids" to set the scene from the face-off between "Supersquids" and "Flow Buckets."

It was a hard fought best-of-3 championship, but "Flow Buckets" couldn't pull it off and relinquished the championship to "Supersquids." "Superquids" are: Scott Rosenheck, Bob Powalski, Desmond Betteto, Peter Roberti and Nick Lippa.

Appearance fees will be available starting Tuesday, May 4th. If you participated in an intramural league where an appearance fee was required, you will be able to pick this fee up as long as your team did not have more than one forgeit and you met the requirements for sportsmanship. 

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