September 15, 2009

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 80, Issue 2

Getting comfortable as a freshman at NU

You walk onto campus and up all of those steep stairs, find your room, insert your key and find out that behind Door No. 1 is a closet. That closet will be your room, and not only your room, but a room you share with another person. Your parents' watch you react and do the best they can to comfort you, "its cozy" and "it will look better once it has been lived in" are the statements that come to their mind as they help you move into your large room. Then the worst part comes. They have to say goodbye and leave you to fend for yourself. It is as painful for them as it is for you. A helpful hint: do not, under any circumstances, just go up and sit in your dorm room. Go meet a new floor mate and get to know them.

Your first week has gone by, you've gotten homework, you talk to your parents a lot, and you think! Now what? I still don't feel very good about this whole college thing. Well, you won't feel great about college until you go out and get involved in all of the clubs and activities that Niagara has to offer. There is a club or activity for everyone out there, all you have to do is be open minded and just jump in and try something.

It's perfectly normal to feel nervous or unsure about parties, the food, the showers, or your roommate. It's perfectly fine to feel homesick from time to time, it will happen and it will catch you off guard when it hits you. It's normal to feel these feelings and you should feel them so trust us, they go away for good, never ignore your feelings. The most important thing you can do is get involved in your school and get all you can out of college. It's a great time that's filled to the brim with new experiences. So get up and go find something to do!

Look for these activities on campus to do with new friends:
-Readers' Theater - Under the taps/Gallagher Center-Uncommon Women and Others by Wendy Wasserstein (a comedy about eight college women and their discovery of feminism in 1972) - September 24-27
-CBP trip to Cedar Point-bus leaves Gallagher at 10 a.m.
-The Live Music Series under the taps in Gallagher on Sept 18th
-CBP trip to Shea's Buffalo for "Chicago" - bus leaves Gallagher center at 6:30 p.m.

Don't forget to check the CBP schedule for many more activities happening all year long! Don't miss out on all there is to do!


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