September 15, 2009

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 80, Issue 2

Kiernan Korner Sept. 15, 2009

Are you looking for that one-stop place for all your recreational needs? If so, then the Kiernan Recreation Center is your center for campus recreation. We are located right across from the O'Shea and Seton dorms. The center is host to over, 50 intramural programs and recreational/wellness programs. We strive to support the university's mission by developing and maintaining healthy and life-enhancing recreational opportunities for the university community through quality services, programs and facilities.

From the desk of the Personal Trainer

Workout 101: When it's time to get in shape, make sure you follow these simple steps to help improve your workouts and prevent injury.
1.Do a 5-10 minute low intensity warm up to get your heart pumping.
2.Stretch all muscles. (If you need stretching ideas, consult the Personal Trainer).
3.Make sure you do a combination of cardio and weight training. To improve overall workout quality make sure to vary your workout.
4.Don't spend all your time on a treadmill. Try an elliptical, this is a low impact alternative to running that can save your knees.
5.Don't forget your core, not your abdominals, but your core. That's your entire midsection. Lower back, upper abs, lower abs, and oblique, all of these needs to be worked out.
6.If you're new to working out, start slow and don't jump right in without preparation. The best thing to do is to consult a personal trainer to get the right workout.
7.After your workout, be sure that you stretch again. You will feel much better the next day; this is also a good way to cool down.
8.When in doubt, hire a personal trainer.


The Kiernan Center is looking for motivated individuals that are interested in making some extra money to help them through the semester.  Each sport that we offer throughout the intramural season requires officials to oversee and monitor each event.  Officials are paid per game and you can earn up to $10 per game that you officiate.  If you are interested in becoming an intramural official please come to one of the following meetings:
Outdoor Soccer - Thursday, Sept. 10
Flag Football - Thursday, Sept. 17
Roller Hockey - Thursday, Sept. 24
Basketball - Thursday, Oct. 8
Dodgeball - Thursday, Oct. 29
Being an intramural official is a fun and exciting way to make money, meet new people, and get involved on campus.  If you don't know much about the sports, don't worry, each official is trained by the intramural staff here at NU.

Fitness Rewards Program

This semester we decided to up the prizes from last year's "iPod" Nano. This year, we thought we would go a little bigger and give everyone the chance to win an "iPod Touch". Fitness Rewards can be the easiest program to get involved in at the Kiernan Center. All you need to do is bring in the fitness rewards card, have it initialed 24 times and then you will be entered for your chance to win the "iPod Touch". Besides being entered to win an "iPod", just for completing one fitness reward card you receive a Kiernan Center water bottle. It's the perfect item to bring with you to the gym.

24-Hour Challenge

We are bringing back another classic fitness program! The 25 Hour Challenge is the perfect compliment for anyone that signs up for Fitness Rewards. Sign up at Kiernan and let us know just how much time you spend doing cardio for the day. Once you hit 25 hours, you will receive a water bottle and your name will be entered for a cash drawing.

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