September 15, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 2

Mind Munchies... Beware of Zombie Drug

If you are given this drug, who knows what could happen?

If you are given this drug, who knows what could happen?

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Editor's Note: The topic of scopolamine has recently been discussed on local Buffalo radio programs.Check this out:

As far as conventional drugs go, most people know that ibuprofen will ease the pain of a sports injury and sleeping pills will send you off into a world of dreams. But, would you believe there is a drug out there that turns people into Zombies? Not those decomposing corpses that arise from the dead, mind you, but just as lifeless.

Rather, the use of scopolamine, better known as the "Colombian Devil's Breath," will result in the complete elimination of free will while you are still active. According to the VBS news story, Scopolamine is the worst drug in the world because you are susceptible to other peoples' requests, you have no control over your own actions and you are at the whim of suggestions. It is especially popular among the criminals of Colombia.

The drug does not even need to be ingested to work. There are cases where an exposed piece of paper placed too close to the face caused an individual to feel the effects of the drug. Such cases demonstrate the power of the drug in small amounts. Large doses of Scopolamine have been known to kill.

One particularly chilling story mentioned by VBS speaks of an individual who was taken back to his apartment and woke up the next morning to an empty room. The confused guy asked the doorman what happened to his stuff. The doorman claimed he brought it out with two of his friends. The guy could not understand why the doorman would let them do such a thing. When he questioned the doorman about it, he replied with "you told me to." It was obvious the guy had been exposed to Scopolamine and tricked by the two men.

Just as a hypnotist can influence the actions of a hypnotized individual, a criminal armed with Scopolamine can ask a drugged individual to give him/her all the money in his/her bank account. Only, the doped individual draws the short straw in the end when later they discover their life savings has somehow vanished.

For more information, check out the VBS news story:



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