September 29, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 3

Americans protest president's health care plan

Americans protest president’s health care plan

Americans protest president’s health care plan

Earlier this month thousands of displeased Americans crowded the National Mall outside of The White House, crying foul on the Obama administration and continuing efforts to reform health care. The government, protesters fear, is expanding at a dangerously fast rate. Many believe the government is moving towards socialism and fear they could lose Constitutional rights, which are so fundamental to their identity.

Some held signs to express their discontent. One that was particularly controversial read Bury Obama Care with Kennedy, referring to the recent death of senior Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, who was a long time activist for health care reform throughout his career. Others flew Confederate fl ags or sang God Bless America with improvised, at times hateful, lyrics about their objections to recent politics. reported that, when protesters were asked about some of the controversial posters, they expressed that, presidents get made fun off all the time, and the election of a black president has only made racially charged political satire more sensitive.

This protest and others like it occurring around the country are being dubbed modern day Tea parties, inspired by the Boston tea party of 1773.

A day after the rally, a much smaller group of people gathered around the Washington Monument for the 24th annual Black Family Reunion. It was not planned to do so, but this event acted almost as a counterprotest to the Conservative groups the day before, as it was impossible to ignore the words and actions of the thousands of people who gathered the day before. Many in attendance of the Black Family Reunion were outraged with the behavior of the crowd and believe that the protest was not so much about policy as it was about race and noted that the vast majority of the Conservative protesters were white.

Congress continues to make final changes to the draft of the health care bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said earlier this week We're on course to be ready soon, and expects the bill to go to vote in the next couple weeks.

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