October 14, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 4

What's happening around the globe

What's happening around the globe

What's happening around the globe

Indonesian villages wiped out by quake: Three villages in Lubuk Laweh were devastated by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake, which destroyed homes and led to a major mudslide, killing nearly 700 inhabitants. - From the WSJ, "Indonesian Quake Leaves Trail of Death, Devastation," by Yaroslav Trofimov, Oct. 3.

"Ardi" - The oldest hominid skeleton: Discovered in Ethiopia in 1994, the skeleton is approximately 1 million years older than "Lucy," the last discovered skeleton believed to be an ancestor of humans. This may be evidence to show that humans and chimpanzees evolved separately from a common ancestor. - From cnn.com, "Oldest human skeleton offers new clues to evolution," by Azadeh Ansari, Oct. 1.

Iranian atomic bomb a possibility: Conclusions from a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency state that Iran possesses the facilities and information needed to assemble an atomic bomb, which is more advanced than the U.S. had previously thought. - From foxnews.com, "Report: Iran Has Information to Make Nuclear Bomb," by William J. Broad, Oct. 4.

ACORN denied funding: Due to recent controversy over ACORN, the mortgage counseling firm, federal funding for their services was suspended. The scandal stemmed from various secretly taped videos that showed Acorn employees providing information about tax evasion, establishing brothels, and illegal immigration. From the WSJ, "Acorn Housing Fails to Win U.S. Funding," by James R. Hagerty, Oct 2.

Bankruptcy Fillings Skyrocket: The number of personal bankruptcies filed in 2009 totals well over one million so far, the highest number since the bankruptcy revision of 2005, which placed more restrictions on the ability to file for bankruptcy. - From the WSJ, "Personal Bankruptcy Fillings Soar" by Sara Murray, Oct. 2.

al-Qaida Shrinking?: U.S Intelligence officials report that the U.S. military has restricted al-Qaida activity in its heart, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which now leads to debates over whether to increase troop count. - From the WSJ, "al-Qaida's Diminished Role Stirs Afghan Troop Debate," by Siobahn Gorman, Oct. 5.

Seneca golf course to open in 2010: The 18-hole course at the Seneca Niagara Casino, which was slated for opening last year, will now open in 2010, after suffering a deluge of setbacks. - From the Niagara Gazette, "SENECAS: Golf course opening now set for 2010" by Rick Pfeiffer, Oct 1.

Campus safety receives grant: A nearly $400,000 grant was given to Niagara University for the purpose of updating its emergency response, highlighting special-needs individuals, as well as violence and pandemic prevention. - From Niagara.edu, "Niagara University Receives Grant to Enhance Campus Safety," Sept. 1.


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