October 27, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 5

'Tick...Tick...Boom!' explodes on stage

The cast of "Tick...Tick...Boom!" rehearsing for the big day.

The cast of "Tick...Tick...Boom!" rehearsing for the big day.

How can you soar when you're nailed to the floor? That's the core concept of Jonathan Larson's Tick... Tick...Boom!, opening Oct. 29 at the Niagara Theatre-at-the-Church in Lewiston.

When it opened on Broadway in 2001, the cast was comprised of only three people. However, in this production there are 12 members. Director Greg Fletcher says the reason why he chose to increase the number of cast members was, It was never clear, in the original, when he speaks to the audience, who he was speaking to, Fletcher says.

With his extended cast, the concept is much clearer “ a concept that is much stronger than usual, he says. What exactly is this concept? To the director's eyes, it's something better to be seen and figured out than told. The answer is clear as for why this show is being done now. I think this is the first musical that Niagara has done in a long time that is easily relatable to the student body, cast member Courtney Weather says. This musical speaks to people “ because it's about passion; it's about finding your way. It's not your stereotypical musical, castmate Andrea Gollhardt adds. The issues are really pertinent to now “ to everyone. It's more about the issues “ about the angst.

Fletcher agrees, saying [the] protagonist is going through the things everyone will go through.

He voices what the cast members so eloquently sing throughout the whole show: Do I stick with my dreams or go for the money job?

In such a small intimate space such as the Theatre-at-the-Church, set neatly back from the main drag of Lewiston on Plain Street, it's easy to get swept up in the emotion of the songs. With numbers like Sugar and No More ramping up the crowd and getting them laughing, and songs like Johnny Can't Decide and Real Life bringing tears to the eyes, it's a roller coaster of a show.

There is a lot involved in the play yet, It's a 90 minute musical, Weather says. No intermission, no break in character, just 90 minutes of rock musical written by the same man that brought the world Rent. It's the perfect equation for an unforgettable experience.

Tick...Tick...Boom! runs from Oct. 29 to Nov. 8 at the Theatre-atthe- Church in Lewiston. All NU students are allowed one free ticket per show. Tickets are going fast, so reserve yours today.

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