October 27, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 5

Niagara University is getting ready for Halloween

Niagara University is getting ready for Halloween

Niagara University is getting ready for Halloween

Welcome Great Pumpkin! That's right, Halloween is just around the corner. The question is. What are your plans for the evening? It is, after all, Halloween so you might want to get a costume and go tricker treating or maybe participate in some other forms of recreation.

Erica Salvetti, a junior in the Hospitality program, when asked what her plans were for Halloween, said I'm dressing up as a hippie and then going out to a party.

Many other students are showing their spirit by decorating their doors and by making their own Halloween plans. Steffane Salters, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice said, I plan on making my own, but I haven't decided what to be yet.

Many people are going for the homemade look this year, instead of going out and buying a costume, they are putting their creative juices to the test and whipping out their own personalized product.

Yes, we are college students now, but that doesn't mean we don't get excited for Halloween just like the little munchkins!

Erica Diederich, a sophomore in theatre performance, mentioned that she is excited for Halloween. She is going to be a make-shift butterfly and go with more of a face painting aspect of Halloween.

It will be a fun weekend here at Niagara, and if you get a chance, you should check out Clet Dining Hall for some spooky decorations and hair raising disguises. Clet will be having Halloween specials like Late Nite Glow Nite, so come on down and enjoy a spooky dining area.

Get in the spirit of Halloween and go have some fun.

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