October 27, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 5

MISA'Bollywood' night a success at NU

An NU student getting henna on their arm.

An NU student getting henna on their arm.

Foreign music is coming from the back of Lower Level Gallagher. What's going on? You head over and see a room full of people. Someone sits by the door and takes names down. A survey is being passed around. You enter the room and see people dancing in the corner, not actual people, but people from what seems to be a music video. You see food being served, people sitting in the little tables. Henna artists sit at tiny tables decorating people's hands. Someone is taking what looks to be a thread and pulling it over someone's eyebrows.

Such describes the scene from Friday night. On Oct. 2 MISA, the Multicultural and International Student Alliance sponsored Bollywood Night. MISA sponsored this special event in an attempt to educate Niagara University students about a different culture. Eyebrow threading, henna tattooing, lively music, and spicy food dazzled many students. Freshman Rebecca Immer, who attended the event says I really enjoyed Bollywood Night, I enjoyed experiencing and learning about a new culture.

Sara Kates, freshman volunteer, says, I think that Bollywood Night was a lot of fun. Kates also enjoyed meeting new people and trying new foods.

Volunteer Jeannine Alsous says, Niagara should have many more events like this. Students should come into these events with an open mind. They can all learn something.

Plans for Arabian Night are in the making and Bollywood Night is expected to run again.

For more information, e-mail nu.misa@yahoo.com or visit www. facebook.com/nu.misa. Also, if interested in getting henna on campus, e-mail aramsaroop@mail.niagara.edu.

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