November 10, 2009

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'Clue' gets a whole new look

‘Clue’ gets a whole new look

‘Clue’ gets a whole new look

Colonel Mustard ... in the library ... with the wrench.

These words, and countless other combinations of who, where, and with what, have been uttered time and time again by pseudo sleuths attempting to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy. The classic board game of "Clue" has been a long tradition that many generations have shared. Through the years, there have been several editions, from updated looks to pop culture themes. Recently, Hasbro has decided to up the ante once more.

"CLUE: Secrets and Spies" takes players out of the mansion and into the world of espionage. According to the Hasbro official site, where a trailer of the game can be played, Mr. Boddy has been replaced with Agent Black, who is alive and kicking. Players can still play as Scarlet, Mustard, Green, Peacock, White, or Plum; however, now it is Agent Scarlet to you.

The standard dice and cards just do not hold up against other games anymore. Hasbro has opted for the complete special agent ambiance where players have the option of receiving text messages during game play, reports Gadgetwise Blogs from the New York Times.

"At the beginning of the game, players check in at Hasbro headquarters via text from their own cell phones. As the game proceeds, Hasbro sends six text messages back to move the action along." And as the saying goes, standard text messaging rates do apply.

In addition to remaking the game, Gore Verbinski, director of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, is planning to remake the 1985 cult classic film "Clue," which was based off the game. IMdB confirmed that a movie is in pre-production and has been set for release in 2011. While no major casting has been released, if Verbinski is head of it, it will probably be a lot of A-listers.

The original "Clue" film was set in 1954. Six guests were invited to a dinner date by a Mr. Boddy. They were all being blackmailed, and were therefore given colorful aliases. Wadsworth, the butler (played by Tim Curry), reveals to the guests that their host is also their blackmailer. Unfortunately, Mr. Boddy gives them all one of six lethal weapons, to prevent them from turning him in. When the lights are turned out, a shot in the dark kills Mr. Boddy, begging the question: whodunit? The murder mystery is complete with twists, turns, and secret passages from the kitchen to the study. The cast includes Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean and Martin Mull. The dialog is fast and witty, comedic timing is perfect, and the interaction between the characters would be a tough act to follow.

The idea of making movies after board games is, surprisingly, becoming more popular. In addition to "Clue", other classic games, such as "Candy Land", are rumored to be in the works ( Even if these game inspired movies do not "Pass Go and collect $200," it is a comfort to know that fond childhood memories will keep the names alive for future generations. If "Clue" is successful, it will likely spark a whole slew of movies. All we can hope for is that the game will not be murdered by Mr. Verbinski ... in Hollywood ... with celebrities.

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