November 10, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 6

Michael Jackson's: 'This Is It'

Michael Jackson’s: ‘This Is It’

Michael Jackson’s: ‘This Is It’

Whether you were a fan of the King of Pop or not, the documentary "This Is It" will make you want to get off your feet and dance.

Kenny Ortega, who was not only the choreographer of the show but turned into the director of the film after Michael Jackson's death, made the movie feel like Michael was not gone at all. The great backstage footage caught on tape really shows the essence of what Michael wanted to do: bring his music back to his fans.

In many of the scenes, it shows Michael stopping the rehearsal because he wanted to change parts of the music. He was not satisfied with getting the music to just an alright level. In one scene he tells guitarists, Orianthi Panagaris, to really hit a high note with her guitar. "This is your moment," he tells her. "This is your time to shine." It was obvious he wanted to get the music to a certain level and then break through that and take it to a place where it would blow audiences away. If he had lived to put on the concerts in London which would have been his final tour, that's exactly what he would have done.

The sets for each song, along with the special effects, and video montages that were put together, to put it bluntly, were extraordinary. They made a new video of zombies coming out of the graves for "Thriller" and even had Michael be put into scenes from Rita Hayworth and Humphrey Bogart movies for "Smooth Criminal."

In recent years before his death people saw a frail and very skinny King of Pop. When he announced his final tour, the media questioned whether or not he would be able to put on so many concerts and keep up with such a physical routine. The media blasted his age and appearance, labeling him as too old and too out of shape to do another tour. Incredibly Jackson proves himself in the documentary keeping up with the 20-something-year-old back up dancers. At times, it is unreal that someone who could not get sleep and needed medical drugs to give him rest was still able to keep up with the choreography and sing at the same time. Even I felt like I needed a breather and I was just watching!

On the last day of rehearsal, Jackson, Ortega and the workers for the tour joined hands, and prayed. Michael thanked them for everything they had done. The King of Pop was ready to dazzle his audiences and prove that he still had it.

He never got the chance.

But, even in death he is able to still give back to the fans he loved so much, with "This is it."

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