November 10, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 6

Runners may get club at NU

Dawn Hu (left) and Allison Clark

Dawn Hu (left) and Allison Clark

Niagara University may be getting a new club on campus. All of the current clubs and organizations bring students with a common interest together. The new club, "Strength and Strides," offers that kind of social atmosphere for people who love to run. Strength and Strides was started by Dawn Hu, a sophomore transfer student, and Allison Clark, a freshman, who both had run cross country. Initially, Hu and Clark would run together every day. After a few of their friends decided to run with them, one jokingly remarked that they should start some sort of a running club. Hu and Clark then decided to work towards making Strides and Strength an official NU club.

Hu and Clark think that Strength and Strides offers a great social setting. The group consists of all classes, from freshman to seniors, and all different skill levels. Strength and Strides is not designed to be a competition. Rather, it is just a social gathering for everybody who has a passion for running.

There are many different styles of running, and Strength and Strides does not stick to just one. Hu, for example, prefers to run strides, a shorter distance, while Clark enjoys running long distance. To benefit the entire group, they have decided to "mix it up." One day may be devoted to shorter distances, while the next day could be a run to Lewiston.

But people do not have to worry about keeping up with the group.

Both Hu and Clark say "We stick together when we run." There is no need to run in one large group. Instead, they break off into smaller groups, or even just partners. Nobody will feel pressure to keep up with faster runners, nobody will feel pressure to slow down and let others catch up, and everybody will have at least somebody to run with for safety. Also, Hu and Clark noted that when people run together, they tend to push themselves a little more than if they were running by themselves.

Strength and Strides is not just about running.

Hu and Clark say "We are careful about building them up to longer runs." To build up strength, Hu and Clark do group stretching, group lifting and weight training at Kiernan. They also offer runners some tips for improvements.

Aside from the physical benefit of running, it also helps psychologically. Both agree and say "Running itself just relieves stress."

Strength and Strides meets in Kiernan on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursday at 5 p.m. They also run on Saturdays.

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