December 08, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 8

Matty and Schotty's Little Slice Of Love Goodbye

Little Slice of Love waves goodbye

Little Slice of Love waves goodbye

Dear NU students and staff,
It isn't everyday that students get the opportunity to write a weekly comedy column for their school newspaper and write about whatever they are feeling passionate about at the time. Two years ago, Nolan Guiffré and Brittany Schottmiller launched the coolest column in the history of our nation's third oldest college newspaper (in my humble opinion). For the last two years students and staff have been able to open up the paper and find amusement in the pages that were filled by "Little Slice." Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Okay, actually that's just a load a schmooze, but nevertheless this column is ending. It has been my privilege inheriting Nolan's slot and being able to continue bringing the campus amusement this semester.

On behalf of Nolan, who has long since gotten out of this place, it has been an honor writing for "Little Slice of Love." I would like to leave you with these three tips:
1. Always remember to laugh; life isn't supposed to be taken seriously.
2. Question the knowledge.
3. Remember to laugh.


Matty G. 

I have always been a believer that laughter is the best medicine.

The idea behind "Little Slice of Love" came at a time when I really needed it. I was dealing with family deaths. I had ended a friendship with someone who I considered to be my best friend, and was facing other personal issues.
When it seemed that nothing was going good for me, my friend Nolan proposed a column idea. The idea was for us to write a sarcastic column about random things in life that we could make fun of and, hopefully in the end, make others laugh with us.
For us, nothing was off limits: we made fun of politicians, movies, hot topics and issues. But most importantly, we made fun of ourselves.
From time to time, Nolan and I would be told by our editor that there were some people who did not enjoy our column (of course, none had the decency to say it to our faces). We also knew some of the faculty members at NU were not our biggest fans. The column, to some, was deemed "inappropriate" and "too outrageous."
Yet, on the flip side we received plenty of compliments from other students and faculty. People I had never talked to before would come up to me and say how much they enjoyed reading the column. I would always be ecstatic when this happened because I knew we were making them laugh, which was always the main goal.
For two years, Nolan and I wrote "Little Slice of Love" and it helped take me out of the depression I had been facing. It proved to me that sometimes you just have to have fun with life. You can't always take life too seriously, because there are plenty of things that are negative and will drag you down.
Then at the end of last semester, I had the challenge of finding someone to take Nolan's place. I was lucky enough to have Matty step up to the challenge. I was excited to see what new things Matty would bring to the table, and what new adventures I would get to write with him. Unfortunately, for reasons that I do not feel the need to discuss here, we are no longer able to continue this column in the Index.
Giving up this column hurts more than I can explain in words, but I am so thankful for the time I got to write it. I know life has bigger and more exciting things in store for me, which NU will never be able to give me. But I am blessed to have been able to have done this column.
To those of you who did not like "Little Slice of Love," I can only say that at least I got you to read something. You might not have liked it, but it is obvious that some of you kept coming back for more.
To the fans and continued readers of "Little Slice," I hope that, through the different issues, we have been able to make you laugh and give you a little break from your everyday life. I hope you don't take life too seriously and that you can crack a joke when times are getting you down.
Like I said, laughter is the best medicine - even at the expense of your Vincentian values.

Forever inappropriately yours,



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