September 01, 2009

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Volume 80, Issue 1

Changes coming to Niagara University

Changes coming to Niagara University

Changes coming to Niagara University

Over the summer while students were away, Niagara University started some new and exciting things on campus. Here is a run- down of what's been planned to make the upcoming year a great one. Sheila Hausrath, vice president of student life, provided information regarding several changes on campus.

The Gallagher food court will now provide freshly baked breads, rolls and sweets in its deli section. The cooking station will make entrees three days a week for students to watch.

Clet Dining Hall is bringing in chefs from local restaurants and other colleges to prepare their signature dishes for Niagara students.

NU junior Rob McCaffery says, "The whole visiting chef's thing is hopefully going to offer a couple different dishes there every night instead of the same old thing." One of the chefs will cook and teach the chefs at Niagara how to prepare Mexican dishes.

Clet Dining Hall's Operations Manager Mark McKibbin says, "I think students will enjoy it a lot because it will be authentic Mexican food."

In terms of the interior, booths have been moved into one half of the been set up along the outer walls of the other half.

NU will be hosting a Farmer's Market every Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. through November. Local farmers will set up stands in front of the Castellani Art Museum and sell their fresh produce to students. Students will be able to pick up healthy snack options without having to drive to the grocery store.

For all of those who like to work out, there have been some updates to the Kiernan Center. An electronic door divider system has been installed. Students no longer have to walk across courts to get to the weight room. The doors also let three separate groups use the gym at once. There is also some new equipment in the fitness center and weight room including a multi-stack and 12-station universal, as well as lateral rise and low rowing machines.

Those on campus with Verizon can expect better reception and less dead zones thanks to the new Verizon tower that has been installed on top of O'Shea Hall!

Dunleavy has had quite the IT upgrade. There is a new Macintosh lab and an improved GIS lab, as well as widescreen projection equipment with a PS3 gaming system. In addition, a new HDTV production studio has been built and is very useful for many students, particularly those majoring in communications.

NU Communications major Kara Oliver says, the new production studio is "a big step for the Communications Department and it's about time". She believes the new studio will help students experience more hands on learning. She states, "You can read from a book all you want but the hands-on equipment is what you are going to need to get ahead."

A new theater is being constructed on campus, due to the generosity of many donors.

The number of seats will be similar to that of the current theatre; however, individuals in the audience will benefit from more legroom. There will be air conditioning inside the theater, as well as concessions, a lobby area, improved lighting and sound systems.

Be sure to keep an eye out for all of these new changes as the first weeks of school unfold.

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