October 04, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 2

Steven Braddock is New Director of Theatre

NU Director of Theater Steven Braddock

NU Director of Theater Steven Braddock

This fall, Steven Braddock takes on his new role as director of theater here at Niagara University. Braddock comes to NU after spending 11 years as the artistic director of the Gifford Family Theatre in Syracuse, which specializes in catering to child-based audiences.

The position of director of theater was previously held by Greg Fletcher, who is now working as a freelance playwright and director in New York City. So far, he has directed new musicals for Fringe/NYC and the WorkShop Theater Company.

At NU, Braddock is looking forward to learning new things about himself and about his craft as a director. He is excited to take advantage of his potential as a teacher, director and administrator. He is also eager to work with new colleagues, as well as getting to know his new complement of students, saying that in this art, all individuals complement each other.

Braddock is also excited to be working at a liberal arts institution. A product of the liberal arts system himself, he is impressed that NU is home to such a strong BFA program, which is integrated with a robust liberal arts foundation. He says that this is unique considering that many institutions segregate conservatory programs from a liberal arts education.

Braddock says NU's system makes sure that theater arts students get what they need theatrically without sacrificing what's integral to a good liberal arts education.

As a director, Braddock wants to create productions that audiences will enjoy. He is striving to build the best possible adaptation of a playwright's vision he can. Braddock explains that the final product is not the only important element to a production, but that the process is equally significant. He wants to ensure that the cast and crew are learning something about their craft.

Students should be challenged to grow as individuals and actors, and be respected as theater artists while they're doing it, Braddock says.

When it comes to NU students going to a show, Braddock claims that there is no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity! He adds that you can't get this level of theater outside of the professional realm.

Braddock urges students to capitalize on the tremendous talent of their peers, especially since productions are free to NU students with IDs.

Give it a shot, he says, and you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

Braddock will be direct the NU musical Damn Yankees this November.

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