October 04, 2011

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 82, Issue 2

Zen U Comes to NU

NU’s new eatery, Zen U, is located in  the Gallagher Center.

NU’s new eatery, Zen U, is located in the Gallagher Center.

Where once there was Freshens there is now Zen U, and Niagara students seem to be welcoming the change.

People vote with their feet, said NU's general manager of hospitality services, Bill Baker. The first three days of operation, as compared to last year, our customer counts are 262 better.

The chef manager for the Gallagher Center, Dan Lanasa, emphasized that Zen U's goal is freshness.

Our concept is ... fresh food, made to order. All our vegetables are fresh. ... Our sauces are home-made. We make it to our customers' liking, he said.

Sophomore Bobby Arauja had the beef stir-fry and said it's better than the product at Freshens. It's good, it's tasty, it's fresh. ... They've got good food, he said.

Lanasa said, Every day we run a sauté stir-fry special. We tell students to stop back every day, because there's going to be a new stir-fry for them to try.

Sean Smith, a freshman, had the chicken stir-fry with teriyaki. He said, It's good “ the vegetables even, they're really fresh and very good.

Overall we've had positive feedback. ... The lines say it all. The lines are there every day, Lanasa said, adding, We're already getting requests to run the special again that we had last week.

Cassie Pericak, a senior, said, I don't miss Freshens. I like that we have Asian; it's pretty good.

Baker encouraged students to bring their opinions about food services on campus to hospitality services. The students that I've talked to think it's (Zen U) great. Everything's fresh; it's prepared in front of them; it's made to order; it's been outstanding.

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